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k-browser is back ..

Welcome on k-browser new site

2/2014  NEW

After a long time  a more stable version is here :) Thank you all for your support .. See the new Screenshots  and download the new version K-Browser 4.8.3a

8/2013  Version 4.8.3
A new update is here !!!

6/2013 Version 4.8.2

Better tab navigation(title info fixed), improved window behavior, option to hide a tab in te browser and the ability to work offline

22/5/2013 Version 4.8.1

Bug fixes in sesurity, improved search & navigation, auto refresh ,selected text reading added, fixed bug in the ftp password field, a proxy tool added too!

16/5/2013 Version 4.8.0

This is update has it all!, better UI, favicon support, you can take a screenshot of the page you are reading, a sipmle task manager is added, an IP finder, an option to display the page to left or to the right and a autocomplete feature.

5/2013 Version 4.7.1

After a lot of work the new ver. has  a brand new Start Page , a Popup Blocker and Anti-Phishing Tool .

4/2013 Version 4.7.0 Social media Integration

4/2013 Version 4.6.3 Security bugs fixed

4/2013 New Version 4.6.2 Search Page Feature

Someone sent me a very nice suggestion ! "How about to make a custom Search Page" it was a nice idea so i make it happen and i thought that it will be very usefull that k-browser can use this. With the power of Google the Search Page is on.

3/2013 Gecko (layout_engine) NEW

Another project is under development ! K-Browser has left the IE engine and wento to Gecko (Gecko is a free and open source layout engine used in many applications developed by Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation (Firefox web browser). With a lot of help and the work of these people geckofx who had Embed Gecko into WinForms Applications, k-browser can be a powerful tool.

A lot of new features can now be designed ,the browsing experiance is better (No Erros with the previous version).

A Beta version it will be updated soon(maybe in the end of month)! Butt you can still see a small piece of what is going . Click To See

Gecko was designed to support open Internet standards. Some of the standards Gecko supports are the following:

  • HTML5

  • CSS 3

  • JavaScript 1.8 (ECMAScript 3, and partial support for ECMAScript 5)

  • DOM Level 1,2 and 3)

  • XML 1.0
    XHTML 1.0 Read More

The technology behind is based upon GeckoFX-15.0 , the interface is similar with the 4.5.5 version bookmarks are now added(new feature)

3/2013 Final Version 4.6.1 NEW

I am in the very nice position to announce that the Final Version is HERE ! more stable more safe and faster than before , with a new feature It has now a RSS Reader , the interface is now better with all the necessary items, the program is build on the Microsoft IE engine so it has no real settings but you can use the menu to enter Internet Explores option Menu. Thank you all for the 2,745 Downloads in Softpedia (still counting!) Enjoy ..

2/2013 Info..

In 2009 the first version of k-browser was launched... a lot of projects were under work so there wasnt any time to do some development. Four years has passed and I am in the nice position to announce that the we are Back again with a new design a more friendly interface and a lot of new tools ready to be in use

The application can do the job efficiently but it is still under development and testing it has been made from the beginning with new interface, tabs has been added, a lot of bugs are now fixed .

k-Browser is freeware No Ads, No Virus, No Spyware










The shortest distance between two points is Under Construction So if you like help us to go to a new website

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